Top Tips For Buying Condos As Income Property

Top Tips For Buying Condos As Income Property


If you want to buy condo properties as a form of investments, you will need to search for the right condo to buy and transform it into a source of income by renting it out. This is usually a huge for potential landlords to take but it is very rewarding if done right. Below are the top tips that one can use to buy condos as their income property:

real estate agentYour dedicated real estate agent

You have to work with someone who has adequate knowledge and experience in the condo market. Make sure their skills are relevant to the location you are interested in and it is about commercial real estate too. They will help you differentiate what is a good investment and what is considered as a bad one.

The main game plan

Always have proper plan in mind. You are also encouraged to jot down the important points of your plan to serve as a constant reminder to prevent yourself from going off track. You need to consider things such as the possibility of needing to renovate the condo unit after the initial purchase and if you would like a flip and sell after that. You might also consider renting it out to potential tenants who will stay in it like an apartment, for a monthly passive income.

Rules and regulations

Check with the condo board whether they allow owners to rent out their units. Ensure that you get the official green light to do so; otherwise you might just end up with a huge loss financially because you could not rent it out.

Know how to look at listings

There are many online sources that can help you with the search of a condo unit. You may try to use multiple listing services or look at online classified advertisements. It would be beneficial if you could hook up with the current condo unit owner to meet face to face for a quick tour before you make any final decisions.

Income PropertyList out all the possible costs in your venture

Before you buy a condo unit, you have to make sure you are very clear and have broken down all the possible costs that are needed to make things happen. The idea of this is to ensure that you condo investment brings you the targeted profits. If you were to pay off all these on a monthly basis, make sure that your rental rates are able to cover them fully and still leave a decent profit margin until you officially break even.

Never pay more than the required amount

Every dollar counts in your purchase of a condo unit as an income property. Make sure you have researched well all the prices of your preferred condos. Just see what others are paying and you will automatically prevent yourself from getting overcharged.

Buying a condo for yourself can be very different from buying one for investment purposes because you might easily overlook the fact that you need to make a profit from it. With the tips above, you should not have any problems with your property investment venture.