How To Be A Winner In Thailand's Second-Hand Property Market

How To Be A Winner In Thailand's Second-Hand Property Market


Buying a property is one of the biggest transactions one can ever do in his life and obviously, this type of transaction shouldn’t be done in a rush. For example, families who don’t really have a big budget to invest in a brand new property might get lucky on the second-hand property market in Thailand. There are actually a multitude of attractive second-hand houses scattered all over Thailand that are worth checking out. Here is what you should be paying attention to before choosing the ideal property.

Consider the locationConsider the location

This is perhaps the most important aspects form them all. Houses situated in the middle of the city are a little bit more expensive while those situated in neighbourhoods at the edge of the city are less expensive. Home buyers also need to keep in mind that although a property in the heart of the city is closer to all the important amenities, the city noise might be a real problem for them in the long run.

Consider the size

Another important aspect to consider when choosing a property is its sheer size. Smaller second-hand houses in Thailand are cheaper to buy and cheaper to run as well. However, if a home buyer wants a big family, such a small house might not be convenient enough. In this case, he should opt for a two-storey property that features enough rooms for all his family members. Although this is a little bit more expensive, the home buyer will be happier and more comfortable in his house for the rest of his life.

house at nightVisit the house during the day and night

Home buyers are also advised to thoroughly check out the houses they intend to buy in order to find out how it is to live in that particular property every day. For example, during the day, a house might be quiet and comfortable, but in the night there might be a lot of noise from the vendors from a nearby night market. You can only know about this if you have checked out the vicinity in the day time as well as the night time.

Inspect the house properly

Lastly, second-hand properties in Thailand also need to be properly inspected by a professional in order to discover hidden faults or structural damage. This will also reveal the true value of the house so that the home buyer will pay the correct price for it.

Thailand is a fascinating country that can help people from all over the world enjoy a comfortable, interesting and modern lifestyle, so if you are thinking of buying a second-hand property here, you are making a great choice. Once you use property buying tips to your advantage, it is hard not to be a winner!